Outdated Version Users

Guli-Lilo cardiology clinic

MEDWORK 8.0 user is:
• Clinic of medical expertise, urology and emergency care
• Guli-Lilo cardiology clinic
• The first hospital
• Medical diagnostic center-former neoclinic
• Batumi Medical Center
• Medicare

MEDWORK 7.0 user is:

• Globalmed - inpatient, outpatient
• Ultramed
• Tbilisi N24 mixed polyclinic

MEDWORK 5.0 user is:

• IQ clinic
• Lagodekhi Outpatient Clinic - Gantiyadi
• Ikamed (city of Poti)
MEDWORK 4.0 user is:

• Marneuli Pediatric Clinic
• Ltd. Resort Sairme (Sairme) MEDWORK 3.0
• Ophthalmic medicine
• Oncoprevention Center
• LLC "Center of Family Medicine #3"
• "CT-Medi" LLC
• Polyclinic N30 mixed type LLC
"Vere XXI family medicine educational and clinical center"
"Road Polyclinic + Family Medicine Center Didube" LLC
• Training-Clinical Center of Family Medicine

• JSC "Medical Complex" (DKC)
• "Managed Care Network" LLC (MCN)

BSU Dent

Clinic Ultra Vita

Clinic Medicor

Primary health care facility

Batumi Medical Center

Medical diagnostic center - former "Neoclinic"

Clinic of medical expertise, urology and emergency care